06 Oktober 2010

15,000 doctors needed by 2020

SERDANG: Malaysia needs another 15,553 doctors in the public sector by 2020 to meet the ratio of one doctor for every 600 people.
Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said last year, the 29 tertiary institutions produced 1,845 medical graduates while 1,908 were from overseas.

"By 2020, we expect the number of local graduates to increase to 3,125," he said at the launch of Universiti Putra Malaysia's Medical and Health Science Faculty complex and the Centre for Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging (CDNI) here yesterday.

On the ministry's role in the Talent Corporation, a government initiative to encourage Malaysian professionals overseas to return home, he said they would coordinate efforts to encourage talented Malaysians to come home.

As the ministry was involved in creating a knowledge-based economy, he said it was important for the country to get the best people whether Malaysians or foreigners to transfer their knowledge.

The setting up of the RM17.5 million CDNI, the first in a public university, would boost UPM's reputation as the cutting edge Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography, or PET CT, would increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

The centre's director, Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Jalil Nordin, said it had been operational since April and, so far, 38 patients had been referred to the centre by public and private organisations.

He added that the centre's imaging services would also be available to patients coming on health tourism packages and the revenue generated would lighten the government's financial burden.

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